About Us

With over 25 years of experience in the mass spectrometry discipline, Oakville-based MasSpec Consulting Inc. provides a range of services, parts and consumables to many of Canada’s leading private, government research, and analytical labs. Our OEM factory-trained staff delivers superior engineering services at remarkable savings.

We are the Canadian agent for Mass Spec Service Solutions UK, a supplier of new and refurbished GC/LC/MS components for the Micromass/Waters line of instruments, and the Canadian Service Engineer for Ionpath Ltd. UK, supplier of Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometers.

MasSpec offers:

  • Full service, labour only and/or telephone support for all legacy Micromass/Waters* instruments, including High Resolution Magnetic Sector GCMS (M-Series AutoSpec*), plus Quadropole GCMS, Ion Trap and Time of Flight mass spectrometers
  • In-House or on-site repair and maintenance of and training on Micromass/Waters Mass spectrometer systems and related data systems
  • Custom service contracts, consumables, replacement parts, refurbished instruments, and instrument relocation

*Waters, Micromass, and AutoSpec are registered trademarks of Waters Corporation.