DFS HRGC/MSThermo Scientific’s DFS GC/MS is an advanced magnetic sector, high resolution product built to analyze target compounds and to solve general organic analytical questions. It is a complete hardware and software solution.

With its innovative, small design, the DFS GC/MS delivers:

  • The highest performance and the lowest signal/noise, sized to preserve your lab’s valuable real estate
  • The gold standard in confident, ultra-trace quantification that ensures dependable productivity and impressive results
  • Quiet, operational economy with pumps housed inside the instrument, consuming just half the power of its nearest competitor
  • Versatility in application flexibility, multiple ionization choices, and probe options

The DFS removes GC/HRMS complexity with its:

  • Automated tuning and intuitive user interface
  • Elimination of daily calibration routines through automated MID mass calibration
  • Simplified control of complex GC configurations

TargetQuan 3 (TQ3) Software

  • Has a simplified workflow for efficient data processing
  • Is tailored for workflow-orientated quantification to serve laboratories charged with performing routine quantification of POPs in a regulated environment.

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