ServiceAt MasSpec Consulting Inc., we offer clients a variety of service options. These include:

  • Full service, labour only and/or telephone support for all legacy Micromass/Waters* instruments, including High Resolution Magnetic Sector GC/MS (M-Series AutoSpec*), plus Quadropole GC/MS, Ion Trap and Time of Flight mass spectrometers
  • In-House or on-site repair and maintenance of and training on Micromass/Waters Mass spectrometer systems and related data systems
  • Custom service contracts, consumables, replacement parts, and refurbished instruments.
  • Repair, refurbish or rebuild any of the following models – Autospec (Quattro I and II, Quattro LC and Ultima, Platform, Qtof GCT and LCT
  • Source new and refurbished instruments from other manufacturers
  • Instrument installation, decommissioning, and relocation.
  • Clean/refurbish exchange source and lens stack cleaning and refurbishing.
  • Refurbish Micromass/Waters slit assemblies (hot-wired, mechanical and solenoid)
  • Repair/exchange electronic boards for Micromass/Waters mass spectrometers
  • High sensitivity upgrades to Micromass/Waters Qtof series instruments